Thrush can cause irritation, soreness and unpleasant symptoms and can affect both men and women. Here at Click2Pharmacy, we have various products that can successfully be used for Thrush Treatment. 


Thrush is a fungal (yeast) infection that can affect your mouth, genitals and other parts of your body. Overgrowth of a fungus called Candida causes thrush.

Who does thrush affect?

Thrush is a common condition that affect all ages, and both sexes. There are different types of thrush depending on what body part is affected.

Oral Thrush

Thrush can affect the mouth, tongue, and the back of the throat. Oral thrush is marked by the presence of white patches and which can cause pain and discomfort. Oral thrush mainly affects babies, where it is usually passed between mother and baby. This can make feeding difficult for the baby, and for the mother nipple thrush can cause pain and discomfort. Older people who wear dentures can also get thrush, as well as those who suffer from certain medical conditions such as cancer, diabetes, or who take steroid medication.

Symptoms of Oral Thrush

  • White lesions in the mouth that feel raised
  • Thick, white coating on the tongue
  • Loss of taste
  • Soreness and pain whilst eating
  • Cotton like feeling in the mouth
  • Cracked, red skin in the corners of the mouth

How is oral thrush diagnosed?

Oral thrush can be diagnosed visually by your healthcare provider. If the thrush is more widespread, a sample can be taken and tested in the laboratory. If thrush is also present in the oesophagus, an endoscopy can be carried out.  

Treatment for Oral Thrush

Antifungal medication can be used to treat the mouth. Mild to moderate infections can be treated with Nystan (nystatin) oral suspension 30ml, (prescription only) or Daktarin oral gel (miconazole) 15g, which can be purchased from Click2Pharmacy. More severe and widespread infections may require an oral antifungal capsule called fluconazole 150mg. If you think you have oral thrush, our pharmacists at Click2Pharmacy can offer free advice and assistance.

How to prevent Oral Thrush

Good oral hygiene including brushing your teeth twice a day and taking care of dentures can help prevent thrush. Having regular health checks for diabetes, and rinsing your mouth out after taking medication can also help. Sterilising bottles and dummies can prevent thrush in babies.

Genital Thrush

This type of thrush affects both men and women, but is more common in women. Although genital thrush is not a sexually transmitted infection, it can be passed between partners. This type of thrush can also be reoccurring.

Vaginal Thrush in women

Candida can be present in the vagina without causing any problems. However, in some women this fungus grows and multiplies. Vaginal thrush is more common in younger age groups, in pregnancy, in women have poorly controlled diabetes and those with weakened immune systems.


Vaginal Thrush Symptoms

These can include:

  • Itching, redness and soreness around the genital area
  • A discharge which can be thick and white, or thin and watery
  • Soreness whilst urinating
  • Pain during sex

How is Vaginal Thrush diagnosed?

In some instances, you may need to see your GP or health care provider if you have thrush. Seek medical advice if:

  • If you think you have thrush for the first time
  • You are under 16 or over the age of 60 years.
  • The thrush is reoccurring
  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Current treatment has not worked

In some cases, a swab may need to be taken from your vagina.

Vaginal Thrush Treatment

There are various types of antifungal medication for vaginal thrush treatment in the form of creams, pessaries and oral tablets. Once treatment is started, symptoms should clear up in 7 to 14 days.

CreamsCanesten (clotrimazole) 2% cream. This is used externally to treat itching and soreness around the vagina.

Pessaries- Canesten (clotrimazole) pessary 100mg, 200mg or 500mg. These are inserted inside the vagina using an applicator, and directly target the candida.

Oral tablets: Canesten (fluconazole) 150mg capsule. This is a single dose oral capsule that works by killing the fungus.

These treatments can also be given in combinations, and are highly effective in treating vaginal thrush. As well as the above products, at Click2 Pharmacy we also offer:

  • Canesten Combi (Pessary & Cream)
  • Canesten Thrush Duo (Oral Capsule and cream)

If you have had thrush before, our pharmacists can help you decide which products are best for you and offer advice on preventing further infections.

Other Types of Thrush

Thrush can also affect other areas of the skin around the body such as the arm pits, the groin area, between the fingers. 

Symptoms of this type of thrush can include

  • A scaly, red rash that is sore and painful
  • Yellow or white discharge

Treatment for this is usually antifungal creams.

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