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Earwax removal near you – Visit a professional Ear wax removal Oldham clinic covering all areas of Greater Manchester. Whether it’s an acute ear wax problem or chronic ear wax build up, we can help to remove any build up by using irrigation or microsuction.


Ear Wax Removal Oldham Clinic

No Wax No Charge |1 ear £35, BOTH ears £60

Please ensure you use olive oil four times a day for 1 week prior to appointment. If you are unable to book online  – please call our team on 0161 628 7821

Ear wax

How it works?

Ear wax removal as easy as…1….2…3

Ear wax and Ear health checked

Removal of ear wax by microsuction or irrigation

best way to clean ears

A common question we are asked is what is the best way to clean ears? Ears naturally clean themselves but sometimes this goes wrong. If there is a mild build of ear wax then using small amount of olive oil can be sufficient but if has blocked the ear canal then professional help is needed. 

Ear wax impaction

What is ear wax impaction and what causes it? Your ear canal has a layer of skin that has hair, glands and to keep these parts of the ear canal clean, there is wax that lines the canal. If your ear feels clogged, or you’re experiencing a hearing loss or  ringing in your ears, chances are you have an ear wax impaction. This occurs when a person has a build-up of hardened earwax in their ear canal. An ear wax impaction can be difficult to deal with, but keep reading for solutions…

Ear wax removal microsuction

Ear wax removal microsuction procedure is a method of removing excess ear wax using a small vacuum device. Our professionals will first check your ear and then use specialist ear wax removal microsuction device to gently suck up the wax. This method is very safe  and suitable for most patients with low risk of side effects

Ear wax removal syringing

There are some reasons why you need ear wax removal syringing procedure as oppose to microsuction. This process involves flushing warm water using specialist equipment into the ear after the ear has been carefully checked. This process is suitable if the wax is too deep or is extremely difficult to remove . Ear wax removal syringing procedure is painless, quick and effective

Ear wax Olive oil

Here are some tips on how to effectively clear your ears using ear wax olive oil. If the wax build up is mild use olive oil or almond oil once a week or twice a month. If the ear wax is impacted then use 5 drops three times a day for at least 3 days before ear wax microsuction or ear wax syringing

Ear wax removal candle

We do not recommend the ear wax removal candle because it is not effective. In fact there have been reports this methods can cause injuries. No qualified professional recommend this method of ear wax removal

Ear wax removal kit

Ear wax removal kit are available in many places such as online sale platforms. We highly recommend not to use ear wax removal kits other than ear wax olive oil. Other than that seek the advice of professionals

Ear wax removal at home

We provide a ear wax removal at home service. Contact a member of our team and one of our qualified professionals can visit you, check the health of your ears and remove any wax.

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