Cystitis also know as urinary infections and water infections can cause unpleasant symptoms such as burning when passing urine, lower tummy pain and having to go to the toilet more urgently and frequently. It affects women more than men. Here at Click2Pharmacy, we have various products that can successfully treat cystitis. 

Cystitis (Urinary Tract Infections)

Cystitis (Urinary tract infections) can also be called water infections, bladder infections and cystitis. UTIs can affect the urinary tract (urethra) and the bladder. UTIs can affect both sexes and people of all ages, but are more common in women.

 What causes Cystitis (Urinary tract infections)?

The most common cause is bacterial infection. Women have a shorter urinary tract compared to men (which is nearer to the anus), and so women are more at risk of getting the infection. Having sex and pregnancy also increase the risk.

UTIs can also be reoccurring.

Cystitis symptoms:

Common symptoms of Cystitis (Urinary tract infections) are:

  • Pain and or burning/stinging sensation during urination (also called dysuria)
  • The urge to urinate more frequently
  • The urge to urinate more frequently than normal
  • Urine that is cloudy

Some symptoms of UTI require medical attention, as they can be a sign of a more serious infection. Contact your GP or ring 111 if you have the following additional symptoms:

  • Fever and feeling shivery
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Blood in the urine
  • Pain in the back, or lower abdominal area


How is cystitis diagnosed?

If you suspect you have a UTI and have never had one before, you should see your GP. A urine sample can be taken and a dipstick test is performed, which detect an infection.

If you are a women who is experiencing mild UTI symptoms (and have had an infection before), you can treat the infection yourself.

Cystitis Treatment 

The most common cystitis treatment is with antibiotics. At Click2Pharmacy we offer a service where we can discuss your symptoms, and give you the best advice on treatment. If are a woman and you have previously been diagnosed with UTI, our pharmacists can prescribe the following antibiotics:

  • Nitrofurantoin 100mg MR capsules

    – take one capsule twice a day for 3 days

  • Trimethoprim 200mg tablets

    – take one tablet twice a day for 3 days

Mild UTIs should clear up in a few days. As part of our service, we can also offer pain relief and advice on how to prevent infections in the future

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