Is Colgate Duraphat (Sodium Fluoride) the Ultimate Prescription Toothpaste?

Colgate duraphat

Colgate Duraphat (Sodium Fluoride) Prescription Tooth Paste?

Are you looking for an oral care product that is more than your regular toothpaste? You may want to consider Colgate Duraphat Toothpaste, a special formulation of Colgate-Palmolive Company. It focuses on providing care for sensitive teeth and dental caries. Studies show that it can effectively manage these conditions. In fact, it is highly recommended by dentists and doctors. So if you are in the market for a new toothbrush, you might want to look into this toothpaste today.

Colgate Duraphat 5000 | Colgate Duraphat 2800

Colgate Duraphat Prescription Toothpaste is an extra gentle toothpaste for sensitive teeth by providing prescription strength to combat dental caries. This sodium fluoride-containing toothpaste has antibacterial properties which prevent plaque build-up. The toothpaste prevents further receding gums, bleeding of gums and erosion of the teeth. Colgate Duraphat Prescription Toothpaste contains Sodium Fluoride, which is best for preventative dental care and is ideal for severe sensitive teeth, gingivitis, dental caries.
With sensitive teeth and dental caries, it is important to use a toothpaste that trains your teeth to be less sensitive and strengthens enamel. Colgate Duraphat Prescription Toothpaste is highly effective against early-stage dental caries. It protects from within 24 days and has a Fresh Mint flavour for beautiful breath.

Sodium Fluoride Toothpaste

The benefits of Colgate Duraphat toothpaste are derived from its unique formula. It contains a sodium fluoride solution that prevents cavitations in teeth. In addition, the formula helps whiten teeth while protecting sensitive roots and supporting healthy teeth by gently cleaning bacteria out of the system through peristalsis (increasing blood flow through the tooth). With this toothpaste, you get maximum dental benefit while experiencing virtually no side effects.
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Fluoride Toothpaste Treatments

There are two main strengths of fluoride toothpaste, Colgate Duraphat 2800ppm or a much stronger one Colgate Duraphat 5000ppm. This toothpaste is suitable for you for the following reasons:

  1. Your dentist has advised
  2. You have a sweet tooth and have too much sugary foods and drinks
  3. You are prone to getting caries and tooth decay


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