About Anhydrol Forte Roll-on

Attribute Details
Medication Name Anhydrol Forte Roll-on
Type and Form of Medicine Topical solution, Roll-on
What it Does Treats excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis)
Active Ingredients Aluminium chloride hexahydrate
Strength 20% w/v
Size 60 ml

What is Anhydrol Forte Roll-on?

Anhydrol Forte Roll-on is a topical solution designed to treat excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis. It comes in a convenient roll-on form, making it easy to apply directly to the affected areas. The active ingredient, aluminium chloride hexahydrate, helps reduce sweating by blocking the sweat glands. This medication is particularly useful for people who experience excessive sweating in areas such as the underarms, hands, and feet.

What is Anhydrol Forte Roll-on used for?

Anhydrol Forte Roll-on is primarily used to treat excessive sweating, a condition known as hyperhidrosis. This condition can cause significant discomfort and embarrassment for those affected. By reducing the amount of sweat produced, Anhydrol Forte Roll-on helps improve the quality of life for individuals dealing with this issue. In some cases, doctors may also recommend this medication for other conditions that involve excessive sweating, but its primary use remains the treatment of hyperhidrosis.

How does Anhydrol Forte Roll-on work?

Anhydrol Forte Roll-on works by using its active ingredient, aluminium chloride hexahydrate, to block the sweat glands. When you apply the solution to your skin, the aluminium chloride reacts with the water in your sweat to form a gel-like substance. This gel plugs the sweat glands, reducing the amount of sweat that reaches the surface of your skin. Over time, this helps decrease the overall amount of sweating in the treated areas. The effect is temporary, so regular application is necessary to maintain the benefits.

Who is Anhydrol Forte Roll-on suitable for?

Anhydrol Forte Roll-on is suitable for adults and children over the age of 12 who suffer from excessive sweating. It is particularly effective for those who experience hyperhidrosis in areas such as the underarms, hands, and feet. However, this medication may not be suitable for everyone. People with sensitive skin or those who have had allergic reactions to aluminium chloride or any other ingredients in the past should avoid using this product. Additionally, do not use Anhydrol Forte Roll-on on broken, irritated, or recently shaved skin, as this can cause further irritation.

How to apply Anhydrol Forte Roll-on

  • Ensure the skin is completely dry before application.
  • Apply the roll-on to the affected areas, such as underarms, hands, or feet.
  • Allow the solution to dry completely before putting on clothes or going to bed.
  • Wash the treated areas the following morning with soap and water.
  • Repeat the application as directed by your doctor or pharmacist.

Apply Anhydrol Forte Roll-on once daily, preferably at night before going to bed. This allows the solution to work effectively while you sleep.

Continue using Anhydrol Forte Roll-on for as long as needed to control excessive sweating. If you notice a significant reduction in sweating, you may reduce the frequency of application as advised by your doctor or pharmacist.

Anhydrol Forte Roll-on Side Effects

Like all medications, Anhydrol Forte Roll-on can cause side effects. Below are some common, uncommon, and serious side effects you may experience.

Common Side Effects

  • Skin irritation
  • Redness
  • Itching

Uncommon Side Effects

  • Burning sensation
  • Swelling
  • Rash

Serious Side Effects

  • Severe allergic reactions
  • Severe skin irritation
  • Blistering

For a full list of side effects, please refer to the patient information leaflet.

Anhydrol Forte Roll-on Ingredients

Active Ingredients: Aluminium chloride hexahydrate

Other ingredients: Industrial methylated spirit

Important Information

  • Do not use on broken or irritated skin.
  • Avoid contact with eyes, mouth, and other mucous membranes.
  • Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • For external use only.