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How To Treat Acid Reflux

A Person Suffering From Acid Reflux Grasping Their Chest And Wondering How To Treat Acid Reflux.

Have you been suffering from acid reflux? Maybe it’s the middle of the night, you’re currently suffering and you’re wondering how long acid reflux will last, or how to cure acid reflux? Acid reflux affects countless adults, leading to discomfort and impacting daily life. Depending on which type of Acid Reflux you have, you may […]

How To Protect Teeth from Acid Reflux

How To Protect Teeth From Acid Reflux

Acid reflux can affect more than just your digestion. The stomach acid that comes up during an episode of reflux can affect your teeth and erode the enamel that covers them, leaving them vulnerable to sensitivity, decay, and cavities. If you or someone you know is struggling with acid reflux and want to know how […]