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Danielle – Saxenda and Ozempic Case Study

When considering any weight loss medication, the thing you’re bound to ask yourself is “does it work?” For any weight loss medication prescribed in this country, you can be confident that it has gone through rigorous clinical trials and effectiveness studies. But no matter what the data says, there’s really no substitute for seeing case studies and being inspired by the people who’ve already lost weight this way.

Over 2023 and beyond, we’re going to be talking to the patients who’ve successfully lost weight using various weight loss medication, including Saxenda and Ozempic “skinny jabs.”

In this, our first interview, we’re chatting to Danielle who lost an incredible 5 stone on Saxenda and then Ozempic.

Danielle is 34 and has three children. She lives in Cannock, Staffordshire. Remarkably, she has lost an incredible 5 stone (reducing her weight from 16 stone 3 to 11 stone 3lb) with the help of weight loss injections.

Let’s find out how she’s found it and what’s next.

Danielle before starting weight loss injections
After Saxenda and Ozempic - 5 stone lighter!

Danielle, What Made You Decide to Lose Weight?

[Danielle] I was 4 foot 11 and 16 stone. I knew I had a weight problem and I’d known for a while. But the final straw was seeing a photo of myself that my son took. It was in that moment that I just thought “this has to change. It has to change now.”

That was in January 2022.

Had You Tried to Lose Weight Before This?

Yes. I’d tried! I had been on Slimming World, Weight Watchers, I’d joined the gym. I had just never successfully managed to lose weight and keep it off.

What Was Your Biggest Struggle with Losing Weight Before?

I had bad habits. I would overfill my plate at mealtimes and would drink 6 cans of Coke a day! I also used a snack a lot in front of the TV on crisps in an evening, all washed down with fizzy pop.

Then You Started Saxenda… Did you Change Anything Else?

The big thing for me was the Saxenda. Taking those daily injections made a huge difference. I also upped my daily step count to 10,000 a day at least.

Did you Experience any Saxenda Side Effects?

I did experience constipation and headaches early on, yes.

You Switched to Ozempic. Why Was That?

The main reason for the switch was that Saxenda is an injection a day, whereas Ozempic is an injection each week. Injecting weekly is more convenient.

Do you Experience Side Effects on Ozempic?

I tend to get quite “Eggy” burps if I eat spicy food or if I eat late at night.

How Has Losing Weight Changed Your Life?

The main  thing is that I’m so much more confident now. It’s brilliant being able to walk up the stairs without feeling out of breath.

People around me have noticed how much happier I am. I’ve documented my journey on social media as well and have been lucky enough to inspire others to start the same journey.

How Easy Has It Been to Get and Use Ozempic?

I found it so easy to order from Click2Pharmacy and they’re alway there when I have questions. Easy ordering and after ordering support has been really important to me.

What’s Next for You?

I would still like to lose another 2 stone and ultimately, my end goal is to feel confident enough to wear a bikini. So I’m planning to continue with my own Ozempic journey.

Feeling Inspired by Danielle’s Journey?

If you’ve been inspired by Danielle, you can find out more about Ozempic and whether it might be suitable for you here. It is worth noting that Ozempic is not currently licensed for weight loss in the UK, however secondary clinical trials have demonstrated an affect on weight loss. If you’ve any questions at all about this medication, don’t hesitate to get in touch.