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Benzoyl Peroxide 5% + Clindamycin 1% Gel (High Strength)

Generic Duac Gel

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Key Features

  • Topical antibiotic Acne treatment
  • Mild to moderate acne
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Clindamycin and Benzoyl Peroxide Gel for Acne

A view from our expert
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Mr Mohammed

Advance Pharmacist Prescriber

“Clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide gel gel contains 2 ingredients combatting acne in different ways. Clindamycin is an acne fighting antibiotic that prevents bacteria from multiplying and helps to control skin inflammation. Benzoyl peroxide helps to reduce your existing acne and has bacteria killing properties. Consistency is key when using clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide gel for acne treatment. You may see results in as little as 2 weeks.”

Buy Clindamycin 1% & Benzoyl Peroxide 5% Gel Online

Benzoyl Peroxide & Clindamycin Gel is a topical antibiotic treatment used for mild to moderate acne. It is the generic version of Duac Gel, which contains the same ingredients.

It works by targeting acne-causing bacteria that cause acne. Effects may be seen as early as 2 weeks into treatment. However, you may need up to 5 weeks to see results. Ensure you apply clindamycin & benzoyl peroxide gel every day, as prescribed, in order to get results with this acne treatment. Excessive application will not improve results but may increase the risk of skin irritation.

Medication NameClindamycin + Benzoyl Peroxide Gel
Active IngredientsClindamycin Phosphate and Benzoyl Peroxide
Medication formGel
Used to treatMild to Moderate Acne
Available dosagesBenzoyl Peroxide – 5%
Clindamycin – 1%
30g tube
Other names by which this medication is knownGeneric Duac gel
Duac alternative
Common side effects
Itching, peeling, or burning skin
Redness of the skin
Who is this medication suitable forAdults
Children over 12 years
Do you need a prescription for it?Yes
How should it be used?Apply once a day at night
Patient Information LeafletClindamycin + Benzoyl Peroxide Gel Patient Information Leaflet

How to use Clindamycin & Benzoyl Peroxide Gel

  • Wash the skin with a mild cleanser and pat dry
  • Apply a thin layer of gel all over the affected skin
  • It is best to apply once a day in the evening
  • Wash your hands after use
  • Avoid applying it on the eyes, mouth or inside your nose

Treatment with Clindamycin & Benzoyl Peroxide Gel should not exceed more than 12 weeks of continuous use.

How to Buy Clindamycin & Benzoyl Peroxide Gel

You can buy Benzoyl Peroxide & Clindamycin Gel online from Click2Pharmacy. We provide this Duac alternative as part of our prescription-based service. You will need to fill out a consultation form on our online clinic page, which is reviewed by one of our prescribing pharmacists. Once this is approved, it will be delivered discretely to your door.

Who is Benzoyl Peroxide & Clindamycin Gel suitable for?

Adults and children over the age of 12 years can use clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide treatment for acne.

Possible Side Effects

Common side effects of Clindamycin and Benzoyl Peroxide prescription treatment are:

  • Itching, peeling, or burning skin
  • Redness of the skin

These side effects tend to be mild. If you notice any of the above side effects, use the gel less often.

In rare cases, it can cause stomach cramps and diarrhoea as Clindamycin is an antibiotic. If you experience any severe side effects, you must stop using Duac acne gel and speak to your doctor or pharmacist.

For a full list of side effects, please read the patient information leaflet.

Important Information

  • Do NOT use Clindamycin & Benzoyl Peroxide gel on broken skin or if you have eczema.
  • This medication may interfere with other acne medicines, so please speak to your doctor before starting it.
  • Benzoyl Peroxide has bleaching properties and should be kept away from fabrics.
  • This gel is for external use only.
  • Keep out of the SIGHT and REACH of children.

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Ibrahim Ahsan
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Mohammed Khan
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It is great to have somewhere local that does blood testing. The staff are lovely, helpful and experienced. They fit me in last minute. There is never a wait and the results back within a day or two.
After refusal of doctors appointment same old same old ring back etc. I was invited at 5.25 to see doctor I drove over immediately. Everything fully explained and checked over I was leaving by 6pm with penicillin for strep throat. Had I followed my doctors receptionist I would probably have suffered longer and increased the chances of a worse infection.I Great efficient service.
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Lisa Lowther
Fantastic service went for blood done very fast very friendly fantastic customer service