Constipation Treatment

Constipation is a common condition affecting individuals of all ages. It occurs when bowel movements become less frequent, and stools become difficult to pass, leading to discomfort and strain during bowel movements.

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Constipation Treatments

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Constipation Medication


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Constipation Medication


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Constipation Medication


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What Causes Constipation?

Several factors can lead to constipation, such as not drinking enough water, a low-fibre diet, insufficient physical activity, medication side effects, and delayed bowel movements. 

Constipation Symptoms

Constipation typically causes uncomfortable symptoms such as:

  • Your stools are difficult to pass
  • Stomachache or cramps
  • Feeling bloated and nauseated 
  • Fewer than three bowel movements a week

How To Relieve Constipation

Simple lifestyle adjustments such as increasing water and fibre intake and regular exercise can help prevent and relieve constipation symptoms. While over-the-counter laxatives offer temporary relief, they should be used cautiously and under professional advice.

Constipation Medications

Over-the-counter and prescription medications are available to help manage constipation effectively. The choice of medication may depend on the severity of the condition, underlying causes, and 

Over-The-Counter Treatments 

Over-the-counter medications containing bisacodyl or fibre, such as constipation suppositories such as Dulcolax 10mg and Fybocalm Constipation Relief Capsules, are effective at relieving constipation symptoms by stimulating bowel movements or softening the stools. Both these products can be purchased from our online constipation clinic. 

Prescription Treatments

Prescription medications offer targeted relief for individuals experiencing chronic constipation or constipation that doesn’t respond to over-the-counter treatments. For example, Lubiprostone helps your intestines make more fluid, which makes your stool softer and easier to pass, and linaclotide does something similar by increasing fluid in your intestines and making things move faster. Prucalopride works by helping your intestines move more, which helps prevent constipation.

Constipation Treatment FAQs

A stimulant laxative like bisacodyl or senna tablets may be effective for quick constipation relief. They work by stimulating the muscles in your intestines, helping to move stool through more quickly. However, it’s important only to use these occasionally as regular use can lead to dependency, where your bowels become reliant on them to function.

Daily fibre supplements or stool softeners like docusate are generally considered safe options. Fibre supplements help to increase the bulk of your stool, making it easier to pass, while stool softeners add moisture to your stool to allow for smoother bowel movements. 

Important to consult with a doctor or book a free online consultation with one of our licensed pharmacists before using any laxatives long-term.

Constipation is common during pregnancy. Some laxatives are safe, but you should always ask your doctor before taking any constipation medicine to make sure it’s safe for you and your baby.

Constipation can slow down how fast your body absorbs some medicines, making them less effective. If you’re constipated, it’s important to treat with it, especially if you’re taking other medications.

Certain foods might worsen constipation by slowing digestion or reducing stool bulk. These include dairy products, red meat, processed and fried foods, refined carbs like white bread and pastries, and alcohol.

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Ibrahim Ahsan
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Julie Beardsley
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Mohammed Khan
Just had private bloods taken short wait time very thorough good price nice lady would recommend.
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Sarah Smithies
It is great to have somewhere local that does blood testing. The staff are lovely, helpful and experienced. They fit me in last minute. There is never a wait and the results back within a day or two.
After refusal of doctors appointment same old same old ring back etc. I was invited at 5.25 to see doctor I drove over immediately. Everything fully explained and checked over I was leaving by 6pm with penicillin for strep throat. Had I followed my doctors receptionist I would probably have suffered longer and increased the chances of a worse infection.I Great efficient service.
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Lisa Lowther
Fantastic service went for blood done very fast very friendly fantastic customer service

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